Saturday, October 09, 2010


i just remembered that i had a blog! hahaha. it's really been some time since i've been here. perhaps i should do some updates!

firstly, i've ORD-ed! hahaha. that's been like 8 months ago already. i really do miss being in camp actually, as much as i dreaded going to camp everyday. the office was really quite a nice place after awhile...and it sort of felt like i owned it...had my own desk, the officers were really nice people...things were quite easy going then...with nothing much to think felt slow then. of course there were those stressful periods, and those days where i really hated to travel all the way there, sit at my desk...and then travel all the way back. but still...fond memories are hardly ever forgotten. breakfasts and lunches were nice too, with a couple of awesome ac friends, and the fellow NSFs that were at the was comparatively cheaper too. miss eating the yong tau foo always felt healthy to eat and the auntie was really nice to talk to. haha well well...

i was in Shanghai from February till July...doing a Language program at Fudan University. it was truly a memorable experience being there...and i only wish that it were longer...but we all had to move on in our lives...with university starting and future careers beckoning. i went there for the overseas exposure...since i was gonna stay in Singapore to study anyway. independence, freedom...a house of my own...those really felt good... and the people that i met there were were the people that i got to know a lot better... sigh i really do think about life then a lot...and i would give anything to go back to that life...with a secured career of course! the cats (Gizmo and Guchette) that we had at our place were lovely too...i do miss them quite alot and wish so much that i could bring them back. Gizmo used to sit at the door of my room, waiting for me to come out, or waiting for a chance to go into the room... initially he was really really playful...but towards the end...before i left...he changed he matured...or perhaps he knew that we were leaving...and was sad...he would come onto my bed and lay there silently...purring gently... ahh i do miss them cats alot. chinese did improve as well actually...or got revised there and i am more willing to speak chinese nowadays..with the pronounciation corrected as well...haha. but it definitely did not get as good as i expected...hanging out with international kids who spoke english...and my fellow darling singaporeans didnt help one bit. hahaha. but still...shanghai was really really superb for me and given another chance...i would go back to visit some day...see the old house...walk the old road at something from lawsons, eat the shou zhua bing and shisha at helens...hahaha.

well and now i am at SMU. doing the business course there. uni life's really as expected. lots of assignments and project work, presentations, classroom participation. nothing out of the ordinary actually. it seems like everyone's always really stressed about something...and working really hard. somehow though...i don't feel the pressure. it's really strange... i know i havent been working really hard...or putting in alot of effort...but i can sort of visualize how my SMU experience would be like...and i do not fear. everything seems...predictable. hmmm i shall get into the mode of working hard REAL soon i guess...see how far i can go with the first and second sem.

yupyup. that's my current life now i guess.

im really missing the people that have went overseas. life's just different without them around... but i gotta get on with my own life they are hard everyone! we'll meet again when we do :)


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