Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Concludes the 1st Semester

Today marks the end of my first semester at college...and what a strange semester it has been.

Some things still have not changed...but i believe that i have grown quite considerably over the past few months. I have gained much more insights and realizations about life, as well as increasingly, greater self-actualization. It has certainly been a meandering path walked, and still, a long way to go...

And so when we mark the end of a chapter, we start a new page with a few things in mind. There are a couple of things that i hope to achieve within this break before i start the new semester next year:

1) The Hotel Project
2) The Auditing (Human Resource) Research
3) Applications for a Hotel Management School (tentative)
4) The Yiruma piece
5) Establishment of an exercise regime
6) Rebooting The Sleep Cycle

Should i succeed in accomplishing the above mentioned aims, i will be considerably elated, and i would be able to say that i had been extremely effective. Otherwise, the completion of the first 4, in their particular order would be reasonably sufficient.

And then some thoughts, personal beliefs that have been cultivated, for contemplation:

- Perception management
- Profiling
- Sincerity

For now.


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