Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 has been a very strange and eventful year. perhaps that's because it is the year after we've all completed national service. and gotten out of the protection of acs. and travelled a little here and there. it has been a year of so many experiences, and growth.

i have not many regrets in my life thus far. 2010 has not been one filled with it. my only regret...perhaps is letting something go. it was the right decision at that time. perhaps i will not regret it eventually. but i still think about it every now and again. and i miss it. alot.

2010 was also my first semester at smu. i didnt do so well. not well at all actually. but still enough to be on track to graduate with a decent degree. i feel that i could do better. definitely. and i want to. which will be what would be my main focus for the first half of 2011. i really have to limit my gaming. by quite alot. and i believe that i will do it. because i am a competitive person naturally. when i see my friends overseas doing so well...i feel that i could be doing more for myself. i dont believe that i am any weaker or less capable. i will score in 2011. that is simple and is my first resolution.

another resolution would be to construct a set of personal values and beliefs to hold true for as long as they are. and i will start with one. sincerity. i believe that i have always been, in most circumstances, a sincere person. and i will continue to be, to an even greater extent in 2011.

my thoughts stop for now. perhaps i'll continue again later.

happy new year everyone.


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