Thursday, November 08, 2012

Burnt Out?

Perhaps this is what one would call a burn-out?
  • I know about the importance of value-adding to a project, but I can't seem to find anywhere to add any value to anything - in a sense I've somehow lost my sense of creativity? It somehow amounts to the fact that I'm lackluster, lacking the drive to succeed in everything that I do
  • I feel like just finishing up whatever project I'm currently in the midst of, not rigorously, but just for the sake of getting it over and done with. A+? I'd strangely be happy with a B+ (I'm really not someone that settles even for an A usually)
  • I know the importance of preparing for a project meeting, and I'm usually the one that leads the meetings and ensure that we don't spend any inefficient time during the meeting, but I just feel like going for the meeting, having not prepared anything beforehand (well, we're just discussing a presentation flow, and the slides are already done 3-4 days ago)...but usually i would have prepared at least an A4 of a rough plan so that everyone can discuss around that plan during the meeting.
I've always heard about this, but I've never really believed that it could actually happen. I've always honestly thought that it was just an excuse that someone would give if they felt tired of doing the work that they were doing...or a self-imposed mental state that isn't really there.

Well maybe I'm in the midst of a burnout, but I cannot afford to let it get the better of my mental state. I've obligations and commitments that I've made, and I still have a reputation to salvage...and I will stick through it all until it's all over.

I'll probably need to spend the December evaluating what went wrong this semester. I'm scoring plenty 90%+ for my tests and mini-projects, but at Week 12 of this semester, I somehow feel like I'm crumbling, with a pretty bad outlook of the weeks of project presentations and final exams looming ahead.


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