Wednesday, August 31, 2005

start of pOd essay

well, i guess i better get down to it...everybody's like half-way through and i havn't even started
so...what's the meaning of life? (essay topic)

to me, the meaning of life can only be defined by the individual, every individuals derive their meanings or purpose of life through their daily activities and experiences. In other words, individuals create their meanings in life due to their perceptions of what the perfect life is or how to fulfil one's life. There is no one meaning or central purpose of life. There are many and these depends totally on the individual on how he/she prefers to interpret his or her own meaning of life.

personally, i define the search for the meaning of life as the quest for fulfillment and satisfaction in life, the end purpose - to be happy and to live well in peace. Like what my friend said, she lives life with zest, which is for the love of life and living, and to be passionate in what one does, which is what i seek in the quest to fulfil my meaning of life.

there are some questions which would have to be addressed:

1. Is there a difference between purpose and meaning? And if so, what difference?

2. Is there actually one central meaning of life, that if one does not fulfil, one would not be ultimately satisfied or happy?

3. Religion gives believers a defined purpose in life, and one's ultimate aim in life is to fulfill this purpose, so doesn't this conflict with the fact that the meaning of life is subjective to one's interpretations and not ultimately defined by a single belief?

4. When given the question 'what is the meaning of life?', does it mean for the meaning to be just a meaning that is unachievable by us, like it is just a meaning, or does it hav to be achievable by Man, a reasonable aim which would result in fulfillment?

5. Must one be happy in fulfilling the meaning of life?...or does one hav to subject to obligations to his own beliefs or society to fulfill the meaning of life and end up being unhappy about it?

so many questions
such a vast, neverending question, being thought upon by philosophers of ages, and still no answer and here i am, trying to answer it...

well i better get started, fri muz pass up draft...bleh

happy teachers day!

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Monday, August 29, 2005


i decided to start a new blog coz
i thought that my old one was getting a little messay

especially the templates which i cant really understand

i do need some help for this new blog coz i dont want it
to look like my old blog
so anyone free, just help me okay?

thank you