Saturday, December 31, 2005


time flies so fast. haha...hols is almost over
well wish that it was longer...felt that i watched it pass by me
without giving me a proper rest
nxt year is another train i must take
keeps going till it reaches the destination
hope i wont burn out, or freak out.

my new year resolution 2006:

you know, its like we always make promises, like resolutions? and dont fulfill them?
my first resolution is:

  1. To keep and fulfill made promises and yet-to-be-made promises
  2. To study hard, and to give all i have (like not sleeping in class, paying attention, and revising the day's work at night etc.) [i'll hav to watch this one closely coz its gonna be hard]
  3. To be a fine example, to be a beacon of light and a shining star for the Lord, to be a change-maker at school, and to grow stronger with and in Him.
  4. (later)

haha yup, that's it. but i'll probably have more... when i think of them i'll add lor.

you know, im like how sad sometimes. The last canoeing gathering we had at daniel's house, the team gave us our lifejackets back, the ones that we have been using since sec1. we immediately put them on at the house. it was hilarious at that point in time. But looking back, it's really an experience being in canoeing. i've learnt a lot from the training, like self-discipline, knowing how and when to make sacrifices, how to manage my time and life, to grow stronger in character. and trying on those lifejackets, i felt so warm, so...comfortable, like a part of me, yet the year has passed, and we are no longer in the team...we no longer go macritchie for training, kallang...we no longer get trained by or scolded by our coach and teacher.

the years in canoeing have been especially trying for me. my coach, the team, and i went through much together. whether was it getting scolded, laughing, crying, sitting there silently with one another, saying prayers, i never regret one moment being there, being with the people whom i can trust, the people who made me grow into the person i am today.

you know?...its been like a struggle i had to go through. 2-3 times a week, after having a tiring day at school, im there, wondering...thinking, 'should i go for training today?' but i thought of the team, of the people there, and i would drag my feet there...imagine...during the holidays when the previous day was training and you are all aching over, and still, reluctantly, i go for training.

but the atmosphere once i arrive at the training places was totally different. down there, im no longer tired, weary, reluctant or regretful. and after each training, i look back and go ' lucky i woke up and came'. i never for one training regretted being there. because at every training i learnt something new, a new stroke, a new tactic, made a new friend, learnt something about some1, picking up new skills, growing in characture, becoming more mature. now, every time i wake up during the holidays, i wonder what my teammates are doing...what they are learning, and i look at the life jacket...and i really feel sad that im no longer there

thank you mr. see...for always being there for us, for me, for taking care of us even though u hav work to do, thank you for the sacrifices you have made for us, for the things you have done for us. i'll never forget what you are, what you did. you mean so much to my life, to what i am today...thank you mr.see

[unfinished] have to go somewhere, then hav dinner at night, will finish entry by monday.

love you always, wife =)


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Christmas!

haha hi everyone!
hows the holidays been?
mine's been great, especially for the past almost 3 weeks :)
bleh, the only one thing is that i havn't started on nxt years work yet
quite a few ppl started lor...blehz
super fun and yea, realised stuff, learnt about new stuff, made new friends, and grew closer to God. yea. AND worship rocked!
...been losing loads of standard games in a row....crap
actually, all i want for christmas
votre amour :)
but u've given me that and more!
my new year resolution:
heh...still thinking about it...

je vous aimerai pour toujours et pour toujours, toujours, pour l'éternité jusqu'à la fin du temps
a bit wrong, but im sure u'll understand haha...
je t'aime!

Monday, December 05, 2005


not only do je vous aime
je amour vous
Te quiero


not only do je vous aime
je amour vous
Te quiero