Sunday, October 14, 2007

strange...and stranger still.

struggling to carry on
just so hard to get on by...
any moment stared into space...would end up thinking about you

strange isn't it? i've finally started to think that i should let go
yet each time i'd tell myself it's all over...i keep turning back...
somehow...i just cant forget...and move on.
so difficult to. i cant.

everything seemed to have gone by so fast...
from the time we started to spend more time with each other
to the time when we struggled to find our place with each other
till the time we parted...and now the distance...

you're right. it had been an experience.
perhaps you wont get this - reducing all that we had to an 'experience' that we all gained frm and learnt from...makes all that we
but. sigh. i cant think for you. neither can i say anything for sure anymore

i've just been so scared, to talk to you
so look into your eyes, for more than a second
because i dont know what you're thinking
or whether anything i see or read...would be correct

i'd wish i could say a big 'hello!' and smile and...
we could stop by...and chat for while
catch up on times
but somehow...we can't...

it's my fault i guess
i cant bring myself to do all that
because im afraid.
afraid of responses. afraid of reactions. yours.

i dont know myself anymore...and i dont know you anymore how we began. still drawn
my need to protect care...and still be concerned.
for a stranger?