Monday, April 18, 2011

Semester 2 concludes

Alas it's the end of year 1, semester 2. what a tiring semester it has been, yet an extremely fulfilling one i'd say. just had my last paper today - introduction to economics. hope that went well. Over the next few days, i'll be doing a couple of reflections (or rather musings) about the past semester, to document some of my thoughts and feelings. the aim would probably be to account for and analyze some of the stuff that i picked up, as well as to project my strategy for the next semester. I hope to address the following:

  1. 4 approaches to social interaction

  2. Social awareness and integration

  3. Presentation skills

  4. Meetings

Been actually looking forward to typing all my thoughts out. haha. we'll see whether i'll be able to maintain my motivation over the next few days. also, a couple of things that i plan to do during this summer holidays:

  1. Learn a couple of chinese songs on the piano

  2. Develop a sustainable exercise regime

  3. Obtain an internship or get a day job

  4. Prepare for the next semester

First though, i'll probably have to spend the next few days recuperating from the horrendous sleep cycles i have been having for the past few week! till next time!