Saturday, January 21, 2006


sch REALLY begins
haha, yup previous 2 weeks a waste of time at sch either than socialising and getting to know more people as well as getting to know ppl better.
pretty interesting actually, past few weeks, coz of gurls in the sch, i see new people in old people...not as if they became more gentlemanly, its just the fact that i observe people trying to mix with the girls, i hope to make them feel comfortable, not uncomfortable, in the new school. thats a good thing. hilarious part is that people ARE beginning to LIKE people in sch. haha quite funny la. yup, that was the past 2 weeks.

things are beginning to settle in, like:

  • doing homework and handing in homework on time [i do really want to do stuff properly this year]
  • my CAS [creativity - action - service] (for this one i really dont know. like i dont understand some stuff like for what is considered in the criteria...coz its quite hard to measure CAS hours. yup. and plus i'm not really planning to join like any CCA this year, so it'll be quite hard for me to complete CAS. but i must, in order to pass IBO requirements)
  • House Captain duties - like what must i do, how to kindle that kind of spirit - how to make ppl want to participate in events FOR the house. yup.
  • whether i should join the Student Council. [a few concerns are - firstly, i dont want it to take up too much of my time EVEN tho i REALLY DO want to DO stuff for the school - secondly, i dont want to be part of a CLICH, a group of friends who are in it BECAUSE they want to be in the CLICH.yup i want to work with REAL members who WANT to do something for the school. - Thirdly, i want to do what a STUDENT COUNCIL is suppose to do, not some PREFECT duties. because that wont be what i join the council for. Fourthly - i must be committed, willing to make sacrifices. I BELIEVE that i CAN DO IT. I BELIEVE that we as a STUDENT COUNCIL can make the school a better place. I BELIEVE that we will be willing to MAKE SACRIFICES FOR the school. we will. i will. ] [ apologies...that was rather long]
  • studying. i must get down to it. only a few weeks to go b4 the first few tests come in.
  • must pray.

Glad to see that most of the new students are SETTLING DOWN at the school. HOPEFULLY [eh please lor] that ALL of them will stay with the release of the RESULTS. and more will come in. yup. new campus coming along well. hopefully the new audi will be completed soon. the old audi so small.

sch system has to CHANGE. they are still treating us like we are SECONDARY SCHOOL ppls. BUT the FACT is...we ARE IB, year 5 students. [apart from the fact that there ARE a few people behaving like sec sch ppl. and spoiling certain proposals we have in mind] THEY should give us a break. i mean...sometimes, why bother...then again, if THEY are too slack, people will take advantage. so THEY have to be careful. but how careful? the hair length still has to be the same as sec ppl. etc. i mean, unless its like obviously long then must cut. they're chasing us...hounding us down as if we dont know how to take care of ourselves. sigh. but then again, like i said...they have to do such things, its pretty pissing off. BUT they hav to do it.sigh. lol just wasted whole para contradicting myself. =/

alright. i'll talk about family now

there are many different kinds of parents. most parents love their kids. some dont know how to show their love. some dont know how to control 0r manage their kids. some dont know how appropriate love evenly to their 2-3 kids.

there are also many different kinds of kids. kids that are grown up teenagers. kids that are still children. kids that are grown up but still behave like children.

different families hav their different set of rules

in some families, kids are treasured until the fact that they are spoiled. they dont do any housework. or they dont hav any other duties either than study at school, and play. they hav maids. a few sometimes. their parents may even go to the extent of going to sch, talking to the teachers, to impress upon them that their kids go untouched at sch.

in some families, kids are still treasured. but they do hav some obligations to do some housework. to take the initative to do stuff when their parents are tired...or if they hav no maid or when they are willing to do it.

in some families, parents impress on their kids that they hav to do the housework. to wash and clean up after them. its not really fair to them.

different families bring up their kids differently

im a kid that was brought up in a family that impressed upon me since young that everybody in the family owns the family. although we dont always have to do house work...there is always that sense of ownership, that sense that 'if you dont do it, then papa, mommy, or wei/mei has to do it' so we do things with accordance to the flow of things at home. when one is tired the other does it. when we are all tired we take turns doing stuff. we split the work. because ALL of us belong to the family. ALL of us own the house. it is OUR duty that we should do keep the house neat, to feed each other. when some one cooks, its not right that that same person washes up. its not very fair to that person [unless there's a maid - then that's her duty when she agreed to work for us]. but we still feel bad. yup. it is the environment we grew up in, the values impressed upon us that give us this ownership, this belonging to the family. even when my mom didnt work...we still split the job. and my mom always scolded me if i had too many trainings, or i was hardly at home, coz then my brother, wei, had to do most of the stuff with her. my sis helped a bit...coz she's too young to do most stuff. yup.

but each family is different. i just wish that the people in every family dont take each other for granted. because its not fair for one person to do everything. we take turns. but we each have our OWN obligations. when the kids are free, they can help out. when they hav to study, or during school term, they should not be obliged to do any more housework, except the minimal of self-maintainence, like perhaps ironing, washing of shoes, perhaps, and if the family cannot manage, then a maid is required. yup.

hope everybody can understand what i say. i hope you do...

well good night like partially drunk already. love you a million times over.will always. see you tmr then.

my wife

my one and only

my life.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

it has begun

haha first week has passed

orientation for acsi was GREAT
although not everything turned out according to plan
they still turned out well and im glad it was a success

haha hav no time to say it all,
anyhow...this year is like serious year lor
my parents seem to want me to study hard this year
and so do i. been a few years of slumping results liao

and the people that entered IB are pretty gd too
tho loads entered by DSA and other reasons
there's still quite a bit of new competition

gonna have bridging courses for nxt week
we' old boys have to sit in tho
oh well...too bad lor...bleh

well, been a tiring week for me
im gonna try and sleep early today
b4 that, i must say stuff

firstly, i would like to welcome the new students into ACSi
just to let you know, you've entered into one of the neatest and coolest school
but, i would also like to say this to the rest of the old people
welcome them, and not because of how they look, or what their backgrounds are
but rather welcome them all because they are new
and they still need to adjust
we are one BIG family now...dont welcome just the popular and the rich
and leave out the rest to be all alone by themselves
there are a few who feel left them, encourage them
let us be the BEST cohort ACSi will ever have!!!l

and secondly, i'm saying this to my one and only-

i'll love you always

weak and the weary may falter
but i'll stand forever strong by your side
yup =)

alright. this post is not finished...bleh, i hav to rush off somewhere else now.