Wednesday, December 12, 2007

life now

sorry havnt been updating...been down and out for a couple of mnths.

mm havnt been doing much they'd say...'bumming around'...floating in and out of existence
dont really know what to do with my life...not that i dont hav anything to do.

lots of things that still need to be done

have to arrange my dental appointments
gotta look for 2nd opinion for my eye surgery
gotta set up my physiotherapy sessions for the knee
must find time to go visit my grandfather's new shop at whampoa market and help out
gotta re-arrange my stuff at home...all in a mess...ib stuff still left lying around in stacks

but...just seem to have this chunk missing from my life...feeling quite lost because of it. not sure what to do about it. im not sure what's that chunk even. meaning to life?
it's just been aimless living for the past few weeks. need to get out of it.

ahh and there's that fear for the ib exam results...most of the time i dont think of it. but when i do i get scared. coz i know i didnt study much for it...couldnt really study anyway. and yea...results...all i want is a 35+2 = 37
i'd be contented.

i've decided not to talk about my emotional problems anymore. because it just doesnt help.
and someone once told me that people dont like being around unhappy people. it feels uncomfortable. i think that's true. so i must try to be the most happiest person from now on.

and i think what my mom says is true. i must learn to love myself first...before i can love others.

ta-da! my first post after a loonnnnggg time! sorry for the story of my life. i'll post something different the nxt time...i hope.