Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ahh once again...i took a long time to update my blog! =X

im really getting too lazy. i've been trying to run though...i've done 5 rounds around my house so far. i used to do 10 rounds without any problem. i realized im getting tired more easily now than when i was in sec1-4 (canoeing/dragonboat/guitar/MEP/tuition years) when the schedule was more hectic and my days were sooo packed with activities. now, i require more sleep and i tend to doze off during the late mornings and early afternoons. someone told me (i think it was my dad) that it is because of the lack of exercise - and therefore not keeping fit - that has led to my being so tired easily. sooo i guess i'll be exercising on a more regular basis now. i CANNOT allow half of my day time to be packed with little struggling slumbers here and there. and i probably need to sleep more

past few weeks have been same same somewhat. the life of jit seems to be ever so stagnant. haha. guess what i've been doing? simple really - DOTA! weekdays will find me at home fighting with my siblings for my rights over the usage of my computer (for which is really non-existence...since my rights are on the basis that i need the computer to play! - compared with their need to use it for homework/projects/presentations etc etc.) weekends you can usually catch me at evolution (paradiz) or bukit timah irc. same pattern as ever.

last weekend i took part in the Compaq and Presario League (CAPL) Elite Category Dota Competition. was playing for Team Vendlus. i loved the format (round robin - get to play 3 games!). but the keyboards were the really high class advanced ones where the keyboard has additional keys on the left. which meant that the hotkeys were totally in an uncomfortable position. terrible! its not the first time im playing on such a keyboard...but the last capl i was also quite affected by it. first match against

Team Sweety we were totally smashed flat. i think it was probably because of the unstable draft and not so good laning decisions. second match was against Impreza (either sg no.1 or sg no.2). the draft was:

VnL: Syllabear, Pugna, Tiny, Enigma, Techies (Me!)
Impreza: Pitlord, TS, Lina, Luna, THD

end game score was 42-43 in Impreza's favour. was quite an amusing game. well firstly because we were dq-ed from the start to begin with. the tiny player, Ben, was still getting used to the awfully left-shifted keyboard and pressed 'R' instead of 'E' to learn craggy exterior. the enigma player, Darren, asked for permission to remake the game. Ben turned around to ask the marshall 'can rm?' Darren heard 'can rm. (full stop)' and just quit the game. and so we were dq-ed. great. but we were told to rm and play on (even if match was forfeited) since the game was being casted (shown on the big wide screen for all to watch). techies and tiny turned out to be an awesome combo...and the strat we put forward was surprisingly effective against Impreza's AOE strat. somehow. haha. many funny instances like tiny tossing JoelOng's Sylla to get a kill...only to feed him to a rather shocked lina and ts (the kill got delivered to them). Lem's pitlord brought ts thd and lina along with him using his ulti...and totally melted 3 of our heroes. but we didnt really pressure after the we lost late game. haha it was indeed an entertaining match. the commentators were VERY lively as well.

3rd match against XtC (Sg no.3 i should think) was QUITE a balanced game as well...somewhat. they were doing some weird strat that actually worked. but i shant explain it here since it'll bore you non-dota players to death. haha. game dragged till about 60 mins. and we lost!

but it was a gd experience...playing against the top teams in singapore. it also gave us a glimmer as to the fact that the top teams can actually be beaten as well! not that we did though. and i wonder whether they were playing seriously.

anyhow...that was my last weekend spent.

gah i need to find some way to boost my income - which is currently a meagre amount (NS pay is like allowance...not really pay). i actually came up with 'budget plan' as to how to spend my money evenly across the month.

annd its been such a long time since i've karaoke-d...even at home with the system up le. miss singing at the top of my voice...(i do pity the neighbours though).

alright i guess i better go. i'll try to update more often. Apologies for the story of my life! =P