Friday, March 20, 2009

could i not have a title? i hopefully the browser wont stop me from posting this title-less post...cause i dont really feel like typing/talking about anything solid or topical =X haha. ANYHOW!

anyway tmr's gonna be HOPEFULLY the last Compaq and Presario League (CAPL) Dota competition i'll ever take part in. NOT that it isnt an honor to be part of the elite teams competing in this by invites-only compy (we qualified for this compy only last season)...but i think it should stop here...and i really should get on with life. Thing is...there will be two key members missing tmr...jq and wes...both part of the original team and both crucial members. for tmr it'll be myself, ong, rebirth, darren (HBK*) and either darren's friend or des|matt. we got a relatively small bracket...although i wouldnt underestimate the others within the bracket - on the basis that this is indeed gonna be a tough competition where everybody had to fight to get in...haha we wont be looking to win this...but hopefully we'll all play well and do our best...and then it'll really be a satisfying finish to all the compys that i've taken part in thus far. alright enough of gaming

i just sent in my psc scholarship application...wasnt easy thinking and typing out the statement of purpose...rawr. and i coughed it up rather in a hurry just b4 the deadline of 2359 on 17 Mar. i had been thinking about it for the past few weeks but i just didnt know how to go about writing it. im glad im done with it though. hopefully i'll be considered for an interview...but with 37pts i wouldnt even dare squint into the darkness to find any whatsoever light . MFA! i might actually go into foreign affairs in the future even if i did not make it for scholarship. i think im more or less closing down on to what i remotely feel would be the most suitable job for me in the future. policy writing maybe...banking (marketting)...public affairs...foreign affairs.

dam disappointing that i havnt gone down to bbdc to attend that talk that every school-registered student has to attend so that i can sign up for my BTT...can u believed that i signed up with the school 2 months ago and havnt even registered for my BTT yet?? i really nid to get this driving thing going asap so that maybe by this year i can actually drive around...especially during the period after my ord. dang. i really should go down to bbdc to get things rolling...

havnt gone down to crestar yet to sign up for those chinese lessons this rate my application for china is gonna be even slower since i probably wont be ready for the april HSK exam OR the application window of fudan in may-june period. gah. maybe psc would help with my application but then again its wishful thinking that psc would consider me this round.

gah im ranting here again...

work's getting a tad bit depressing nowadays. with 10 months or so left to go im beginning to really FEEL it. people i've known for 12 months, maybe even longer are slowly making their way out into the world and only a few that i came in with are around. seeing their gleeful happy faces...i feel happy for them...but certainly deep sorrow for myself. but im sure it'll be over soon b4 i know it...but on a day by day basis...its really quite strenuous to get up early in the morning and come into work. well...i just wished work was more meaningful...or at least i wished that i myself could make it more interesting and fulfilling. but i dont seem to be interested or motivated to do anything beyond my requirements and that's probably why the sian-ness of it all has been settling around my emotional space. im thankful that my dad seems to understand it and takes the trouble to send me to the furthest bus stop possible so that i wouldnt have to take 2 buses to get to work but only 1 direct one. it really makes my day easier and less tiring travelling to work.

anyhow im done...cant think of anything to write atm...maybe it's cause my mind drifted away from this page.

till nxt time =)