Monday, April 17, 2006

sorry pern yi...sigh

hey pern yi...really sorry about what happen at Q & A today...sigh
on way home all i was thinking about was my last comment after you answered the qsn.

i thot it would be interesting to ask u back the qsn u asked...
and my last comment wasnt meant to be sarcastic at all...

because i truly believed that you would get votes from ppl.
but the way it turned out and by ppl's reaction,
it was in the wrong tone. sigh.
im really really sorry about how it turned out.
hope you'll understand that i really meant what i said.


anyway today was Q & A...
im not much of a speaker actually
it was pretty okay i guess, the way it turned out.
just really negated it with what i said about pern yi that i didnt even mean to.
didnt even know that it would come out the way it seemed to have came out. sigh.

i guess one thing i learnt was to be really careful with what i say frm now on.
some things are pretty sensitive that might get ppl the wrong idea.
oh wells. yup pern yi!

brother always alright?
gd luck for ur campaign!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


past few days been pretty tiring...
3 days of non-stop campaigning really got to me today...
well...this was what i did...and what i hoped ppl would notice, and what i thot ppl noticed.

first day [tuesday]:

put up JIT posters here, there, everywhere in sch so that people would notice. haha. i thot it was pretty alright. people did get to know 'JIT' on the first day. most of the stuff i wrote was part of my inspiration from the previous night.
then in the middle of the day, accidentally wrote 'Spam it! Spam Jit!'...and haha, i guess i really did get enthu about it after that and pasted JIT posters everywhere in sch.
now everybody knows me as JIT the spammer, not exactly what i wanted, but...i guess i was pretty glad that they know they've got JIT.

some sec4s did tear down posters, and my posters being pretty rampant in the linkway, were snatched down. initially i thought that they tore them up and threw them away, but i found out that a few ended up in a few sec4 classes as keep-sake lol...anyway, i was like nehmind, just stick some more lor! 1st day was pretty tiring.

Second day [wednesday]:

after the first day went down to visit aunty lucy for some packets of sweets. decided to do JIT sweets as 2nd phase of campaign.
as sch was having REW that week, sch was assembled in the audi.
went to sch at 0630 to paste JITtapes and place JITsweets on alternate seats. aim was to show that JITcares...yup. i guess it was okay...but some ppl didnt get a sweet, or even see the effort. but =) it was A-okay.

today none of my posters disappeared. but afternoon i decided to remove all JITposters as posters frm other campaign grps were rather rampant and hencethe lost or lack of effectiveness of posters. i just hoped that most people already got the JITthing already. instead i decided to replace it with phase4 agenda, WHERE? posters. single word, ppl did qsn who's posters were they and even asked me why WHERE?. i'll explain on monday. i hope i'll be able to bring the message across!

later in the afternoon was rugby finals. was really depressed and sad when the results came out. usually, i hate it when people say that the officials were not official enough coz it shows lack of sportsmanship and loser attitude? but this time, it was so obvious that i as a spectator and a supporter was pretty demoralised. i felt that our guys played well, they put up a good fight and effectively emulated the AC spirit and showcased what rugby was ALL about - passing and doing it proper. didnt really like the way the other sch carried the game. the officials seemed to have won the game for them. it really spoils the spirit and mood of rugby - the game itself.

went home thot about the match, about how it went, didnt start working on 3rd phase till 9 plus.

Third day [thursday]:

today was all about 3rd phase. JITfeets, JIThands.
i guess it wasnt as good as the first 2 days. spend really a lot of time on the hands and feets. yet they were not solid enuf to put here there everywhere, had to put them where nobody treaded. people eventually got it after seeing the slight spam along the staircases.

JITfeets were suppose to represent a given direction, the course for the sch to progress on. JIThands were guiding hands, hands that would encourage, and support the student body in anyway JIT can.

i guess it the mood was rather down after the previous day's rugby finals and i guess, in some ways, the campaign flare had died down. the reason why the previous day i had taken down ALL my JIT posters were to emphasize on JITfeets and JIThands, and the reason why i did those shapes were also because the posters that were rectangular and rampant didnt really work anymore. so i was o-kay for today.

CANOEING WON! CONGRATS TO ALL CANOEIST who FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT AND WON the B'DIV canoeing championships title. WELL DONE! really proud of the juniors. saw them training really hard this year, with weekly self-disciplined runs and early-morning chin-ups. so glad for mr.C =) wish i was there to support them.

anyhow, didnt really feel well head was feeling crammed up and tight, like it was gonna burst and flu and sore throat made things even difficult. sigh. at least, i have the weekend to rest and rejuvenate, preparing for the 2nd part of my campaign for student council - YEW.
first was JIT - introducing who was jit...and then YEW - what i can do for YOU. yup. i expect the 2nd part of my campaign would be more serious with more depth.

a lot of ppl are campaigning...some arent tho...sigh, wanna help them, already so busy with mine own.

hope it was a gd day at sch for you. rest well too yea? =) always!

Saturday, April 01, 2006


a really SPECTACULAR event for the first half of the year! yesterday acsi held the biannual centrestage 2006 at the usual CPA which sold out so fast that enthusiastic vistors who hoped to get a seat in the packed CPA had to wait outside whilst more chairs were brought in.

centrestage is a biannual event showcasing the talents in terms of acting, scriptwriting, directing and even stage management. indeed it was a night not to be missed!

haha the MOLE was FABULOUS! it saw arthur and his gang of thieves managing to steal the ACScalibur diamond frm a museum. after which the audience were treated to the ongoings of the getaway onboard shit R.S.S. Ramly [given that ramly burgers were sold at acsi]. they spend ELEVEN days on the OCEAN. however, as they were making the getaway, the diamond goes missing and the bose - arthur, discovers that there's a mole on board the ship. during those ELEVEN days on the OCEAN, the gang of thieves try to sieve out who the mole was. packed with hilarious characters, a wide range of jokes, and directives at school issues in the likes of the 'lolipop tie', the 'ship attendants' scarfs', 'no ramly burger till after sch', indeed the MOLE voiced out...the voice of the acs ib to relevant authorities. indeed it was a gd medium through which free expression was maximised to its capacity. fantastic acting, gd storyline, the audience were treated to loads of mystery, and laughter.

however, the biggest WINNER of the night was THE VAULT which saw the likes of Shawn, YiYang, LeiLei, Elsa, and 2 familiar favs darren and yaowen conjuring up a story of emotions, of deceit and much romance, a story where a pair of star-crossed lovers...yea. haha. indeed there is no words that could describe the atmosphere during the run of the play. this another one of BLT's brilliant genius of directional skills. frm short movies to longer movies such as vendetta, blinded, the union buries its dead, to directing a play, indeed BLT has come a LONG way in terms of his ability to direct, as well as pull off a marvelously written script [by Mel.Yeo, Kenneth and friends]. indeed it touched the audience hearts as it did mine. the setting was one at IBO - an international Banking Organisation [pun intended was international baccalaurette organisation] where a security officer by the name of frances takumi tan ah gao held post. it was also a place where the pretty lady officer, the woman of frances worked as a bank officer. he's 'ah pa always told him when he grew up, he must treat the woman nicely'. his 'ah pa also said that when he grew up he must work at the bank - because that's where ALL the money was'. and there was his long time rich friend - fabulously acted out by yiyang - millenium rolex tan who was a proud and confident young man who just acquired the control of IBO. indeed the portrayal of yiyang's character and the script writing involved which touched the hearts of many was one that gave THE VAULT a trememdous boost to its already gd set. the 3 ah bengs who sold 'Liu lians' were also another contributary factor to flavour of the play as much of comments made by the 3, especially shawn's character, wowed the audience with hokkien vocab and hokkien sayings. yaowen and darren were themselves on stage.

of course, we must not 4get the action packed side of the movie which saw the afamed SWAT team carry out their duties. much of the costumes, provided by blt and crew were realistic. the VAULT surprised the audience with their sudden appearance amongst the audience which was indeed useful in bringing out the tension of the play.

best actor went to liow for his brilliant acting skills as the bad guy, as well as his hilarious cackle unique to yiyang.

best actress went to elsa who touched the hearts of much of the audience in her part as the banking officer in the vault

with 4 nominees and 3 awards, the VAULT indeed impressed not only the audience, but our most esteemed external judges as well.

i cannot begin to tell you how great the atmosphere was, how great the play was, you would have to watch it again and tell me. if only you could. a night full of emotions, and action, with much effort put in by the whole crew, indeed the vault deserved to be the winners of the night.
i was so glad that i was there yesterday night. for all the effort that my friends put in, i felt that it was more that worth it to have been able to catch the play.

nxt week is council interview.
pretty nervous about it
but like i said, if i didnt get in, i would still propose stuff that i would in council, to the school. i am confident that with determination and confidence, i would be able make my contribution to the school. for its performance, and for its overal image. most impt thing is the spirit that we must not let die. and that would be one of my agendas in partaking the responsibility as member of the student body first, and then, if, council.

yup. haha nxt week back to work, clean up the messy nest of the vault in my class, start writing the actual tok essay, and then, the interview. hope i wont be too nervous and fluff up.

when you're ready, i will be.