Thursday, May 31, 2007


apologies for the lack of title...after awhile...i realize that if i cant come up with titles...then it's better without them...might mislead.

now's the holidays. must try as best to study hard for mid years. after all, this is the exam where they decide who to send for scholarship interviews etc. etc. i badly don't want to miss out on these. otherwise I'll be stuck at NUS or NTU. if i DO eventually stay in SG to study, i'll either go SMU or go for the courses that would lead to 1-2 years of further study at the universities overseas. at least I'll have a taste of overseas life. not that SG is in anyway bad...but sometimes it's good to see the world.

I've decided to not be so emotional nowadays. i guess sometimes we think too much as humans, being humans after all...but it does hinder our thought processes and make us, somewhat...confused. i shall stop being confused and just be head-strong. tell me whether is it a good idea. i do, after all, envy people who can make their stand so strongly that people around them have to shift their feet to accommodate.

i wish people could tell me their expectations of me. so that i know how to act accordingly...or rather...not disappoint them. i once was and probably still am rather tired of expectations...its pressurizing...and i guess...doesnt make me or my actions REAL. but yea...haha. expectations. part of human life ba. when we involve ourselves in relationships...even simple ones between friends can become so complicated because of unrevealed expectations. i guess its a sort of obligatory-link between people ba.

mm life. lamentations. enough

jit shall live life just at it is. at the surface. dwell the slightest bit too deep and will end up hurt. enough.

=D holidays! make full use make full use!

watch transformers with me!