Sunday, October 30, 2005


OI U .11-ers out there!



AND PREFERABLY 9th november or 10th, 11th, 12th, coz MOST ppl got IBA stuff the whole of nxt week (and we need to bear in mind that holiday plans/travel plans are beginning soon, and we want everybody to be there!)

p.s.: pls tell our ppl to look at this post coz it's very impt, yah, spread the news

any queries plz call 63534971 (paisei i no handp)
or email me at

Saturday, October 29, 2005

...year's gone by

year's gone by

guitar Ms Ng. actually specially brought out the spanish guitar for me to use
i was quite shocked and pleasantly surprised

wah tiu
the year go by so fast
my class form 3.11 - 4.11 - 5.7 RUTH
i will always miss being in my Year 3 and 4 class 11
sad actually,
most of us different classes nxt year...
and im all by myself in 5.7 with none of the old boyz

everybody moving on in life
taking each step
when we were a baby
we took baby steps
we understood small things,
we did baby things

but as we grew,
we started to take bigger steps
as big as we are
sometimes even bigger
until when we try to trace our steps
we can find them no longer

because they are covered
by shadows and dust
by time and
gone time

we walk our paths
with varying steps for each
we move on in life
we part from our class, our schs

but i hope and wish that
we'll all meet someplace
and have a great chat
to catch up and to catch fish (levithians and slarders)

just like the old times

sam this is for u: TIU TIU TIU TIU TIU TIU TIU!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

mEp practicals tmr...

its pretty bad...

i havn't had a piano teacher for 1 year, and
i nvr ever had a personal guitar teacher

and im having mEp o's practical tmr...great huh?
and what's more, my piano is b4 my guitar, which means that:

i either hav to clip my nails so that my piano practs well run smoothly
or dont clip them, and bang them on the piano so that my guitar practs later will be smoother
i think i'll clip them so that my piano piecies will be better...

and my guitar teacher-in-charge/mEp teacher decided on prelims that i cant use the gd sch guitars...

so much for loyalty to guitar for 4 years...just becoz i left the club, i cant borrow?...
i dunno, i bet she wont let me use them again tmr...
i'll enter the exam room without a guitar and tell the examiners that i dont hav a guitar
and that i've been using the sch guitar
and that my teacher hav suddenly decided not to lend me, leaving me on a lurch of what to do...


just go bahrain, and BAH!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

sigh...didnt do well...

ok, this time im serious liao

last year after exams i said that 'aiyah nxt year will study hard'
like every other year

but now seriously,
im gonna mug throughout the nxt year
i hate lousy results...its bad

i just hope i wont burn out
still gotta study for MEP o's...sianz

end of time
and im still waiting
waiting for the day that
i may just find you
waiting for the day that
u may call my name
and i, hear your voice
but im still waiting
for eternity and to the
end of time


Monday, October 17, 2005

exams are over, FREE

yeah, now's much better

all my task is...PLAY!
bn lanning and home warcrafting for past few days like non-stop
except for taking turns with my brother...
my solo games have deproved, but Team games are up

well hope everyone who's studying study hard, and ppl who playing PLAY hard

will be addressing certain issues that have bn going around in newspapers

like the OLD blogger issue
and others...i'll go play now, update another time

ame - no u are not a cow
careen - i guess so...STUDY hard!...after ur o's can play!
samgan - havn't seen u in a long time, haha, well gd lluck for ur o's studying!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

jityew jityew

well i think that my exams are pretty much over
coz i finished all the studying exams liao, so left all
the practice exams like Advanced maths and core maths..hope i'll do okay

but my warcraft is deteriorating, lost 1 solo, won 1 today, seems pretty hard now
battle net every pro is playing, quite hard to win...

some times in life, misunderstandings happen
i dont quite like them coz they are rather misunderstood situations
i wish that everything is simple, obvious,
why so complicated?...

but it isn't, i guess we'll have to live with it...
though i wish everything can be revealed to me
i want to know...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

3rd day tmr...

k, i think im pretty much 'over' (means dead) now...

Language arts Paper 1: okay
IHS : not-so-okay

second day,
Physics: dead
Core maths: 50%

Third day,
Language Arts 2: not-prepared, doing TFA
Biology: going to be dead, i think...not even prepared, stil havn't studied the medical stuff yet which is most important

sigh, i wish the exams would pass quicker...i promise now...
like every year during and after exams...
to study hard the next year so that i wont end up with same situation..

oh well, bye ppl!

Monday, October 03, 2005

First Day of FY exams!

...sigh...tmr would be ihs and language arts paper 1...

gonna be writing siao time...well, hope i'll be able to do well..

coz i dun think my other subjects are any good...

gd luck everybody!