Friday, May 23, 2008


today i felt like blogging. but i didnt have any topic in mind. >.< usually i'd have things on my mind to blog about...thought about over a few days, or at least a few hours. haha so i guess i shall just crap about (i cant believe this. im blogging for the spirit of 'feel like blogging') zzz

anyway - i've recently been upset about the local universities' recognition of THE programme. It's rather ridiculous how 3As and 1B can enter NUS med sch, and 41 pts cant. and then they dont even let any1 below the score of 41 go for a law interview.

NTU seems to be rejecting us quite alot as well. with 37 pts myself i cant even get a social science course at NTU. the best part about NTU is that they can send a rejection email to my hotmail, and 3 days later to my gmail, a 1 week later finally to my mailbox. they trying to rub it in?

lol. i really wonder how they pitch our scores with the A level side. to me its ridiculous A is 70 marks...and 7pts is 85 marks. fortunately, SMU seems quite receptive of THE programme. and overseas universities as well. kudos to those who got rejected by local unis, only to be well received at the top universities of the world =D

then again, i could be biased. and i think i deserve not being able to get any course of my choice, since i didnt study hard enough. but i think it's such a pity, since so much was promised to us when the programme was presented to us. and now this. much more should have been and should from now on be done, to help local universities received THE programme better.

A reminder: there numerous 4As (probably in the hundreds) in SG, and there were only 20-21 45 pts in the world. 42 pts are rare as well. it just so happens that OUR sch did rather well, so it appears to be easy to achieve that kind of score. but it is not. the higher ups and decision makers should be well aware of the advantages of THE programme, and the fact that the road towards the result wasnt an easy one. CONSIDERING the FACT that the programme was recommended to the school by those higher up, they should be more understanding of THE students.

I will be trying to come up with a report to send to the relevant authorities. but i think it'll be hard with the limited time i have. A disclaimer that i should include would be that - the above information and discussion are all speculative - but i feel that some injustice has been served, and i wish to clarify them as soon as possible for the sake of THE future generations to come.

HEY HAHA i just blogged about what i have been thinking about. to think that i didnt have any thoughts in my head!

(update 03/06/08)
blegh lazy me though...after having all those pent up frustrations with the local universities...i dont really feel like doing anything thinking of alternatives...perhaps i shouldnt follow the same route as everyone...

thinking hard...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

regrettable interjections

we all miss school, dont we?

...yet whilst we were at school, we wished lessons would end faster, that we could go home faster, that 'if only weekends would come faster'. we'd bask in the rays of hope - for our school to declare another day a holiday.

yet now it has 'fastly' ended, school has.

life always seems to be full of regrets - 'now that it has ended we'd wish that it didnt, that we could have done much more, that we could have been better students, that we could have made that one more friend'. isnt it a torture? to live in such a world where we always look backwards, to gd times spent, to fond memories that we almost always wish that we could relive them?

but yet, alongside these regrets would come pleasant feelings, of experiences that once were. These are the memories that we'd hold preciously close to our hearts, that give us strength to carry on, experiences that make us who we are today.

how should we say it - our past experiences are like sweet and sour tasting food? we need these memories to hold us steady, yet in holding us steady they waver us too - to think of the past, to regret, to be pained, to feel stained.

so in life there is nothing as pure pleasure, pure enjoyment? nothing good comes if there's nothing bad? everything has to be taken with a pinch of salt? seems like that to me. that living like that is realistic living - whereas those who live in dreamworld would one day finally wake up into a world of nightmares.

people would say - 'just live lah!' or 'think so much for what?'
i am slowly beginning to agree with that totally. what for think, talk about things that would dilute our experiences, pollute the naturally pleasant environment that we enjoy so much? just live for the moment, remember the past, but with these hold on to them and move forward.

imagine if you're watching a movie, and in actual fact you are broke, but you decided to catch that movie with your very good friend because you felt that it would have been worth it - and halfway through the movie your friend suddenly pops the question - 'eh i think we shouldnt have watched this movie if we couldnt afford it'. immediately that would have an effect on yourself and your friend - the regret (let's term this regrettable interjections). The moment is spoilt, and you'll never rememeber that night as the perfect one. isnt that just very sad?

perhaps then we could come to this conclusion that - nothing should be done if there is knowledge that you would regret it. if you proceed with a certain action or decision, and then later regret it - then that's fine. because at least you might have enjoyed the moments without any regrettable interjections.

im just...talking nonsense again - AND thinking too much. but i should think that what was discussed above would make SOME sense - dont you think? i hope. haha.

oh how much i miss you so...