Saturday, February 25, 2006

need to refurbish BLOG

aihz...i NEED a change of blogskin!!! its getting a bit BORING
and the words are not exactly the easiest to read. my symphaties.

been a gd week...=b
all the tests are done...left with chinese nxt week...
nvr had a gd chinese teacher except in sec3...suppose that's why we all dont like chinese huh...haha.
been trying my best to be OKAY in my homework, passing them up on time
but not easy la...sometimes just dont feel like doing

im in a relax mood for now...
have one LongWritingTask (LWT) to complete
and one TOK reflection to do that i have no idea what to write about.

feeling a bit sick, slightly better now...bleh sch hours are SO long...cant wait till march, but then again, its so short a holiday.

2005 4.11 stephen still and will rock always =)

A amour votre sentir
A amour votre gout
A amour votre touche
dont wanna JAMAIS l'arret aimant vous.
amour vous =)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

test test tests!

blehx...having all tests now...
had biology yesterday and they asked us about history of cells!!??? and who thought of what part of the cell theory. =/ wont do well la
just had econs...was gd until i found out that i missed out assumptions of making an opportunity cost. haha.
gonna have history test nxt. dunno but i dont really feel very confident. preparations were okay. but now i cant seem to remember anything.

how do you actually remember stuff? i cant. i have friends who eat textbooks. but i dont know how...blehx..haha
having recess now...


Friday, February 17, 2006

really feeling tired now...
half afternoon out at pool really drained me
bleh im out of shape
head's really hurting now. too tired to think it off
need a massage badly...
had a rather disappointing maths test..
im gonna have to study a lot harder for the nxt one
felt that i didnt giv my best at all...

'twas nice sharing some quiet time with you...

Friday, February 10, 2006

o's results

o's results are out
wish s'pore didnt have such a competitive education system...
but then again, it has to, only then will education continue to improve.
yet not all got the same pts
everyone deserves an A1 for effort already. really. its tough being in s'pore and actually completing the exam.
its a gd education system. but gets d7 for so much stress and competitiveness...

then now decide JC...
in life...choices are HARD to make
but they MUST be made
to go to nxt stage of EDUCATION
but it is hard
it is DECIDING nxt PART of LIFe
what u going to do nxt time, what job
its now that people decide
it's hard

but NO MATTER which JC u go to
there ARE ALWAYS opportunities to SUCCEED...EXCEL...
because at the end, it's all the same exam everyone takes...not the name of the sch, not the reputation...but the results of YOUR OWN HARD WORK.
u do well, u do the sch proud, + yourself.
just remember that going into a not-so-well-reputed JC does not mean its the END
its NEVER the end UNTIL u giv up
yea, all these inspirational speeches, blehz...but they're always true

and doing BADLY just makes u wanna work HARDER for nxt time...there' are OTHER opportunities for you to DO WELL
its not the end...its just a start, you know what im saying? ya!

IS ACJC going to raise the POINTS for JC admission?...
what ARE they doing by LOWERING THE points to 9?
especially when the IP schs are just set up, where all the supposedly braining students went...
doesnt mean that if they get top rankings, means they have reason to raise ma...
i mean, if they are top few, then their ability to educate weaker students should be better.
i suppose i dont get the whole picture, but this is my corner of the picture.
perhaps since they became gd sch, everybody wants to go in, so they have to lower pts to restrict amt of students, and of course, getting the better crop would be optimal

but i would say if they were to raise the pts if any regrets of lowering it to 9, they would raise the arts to 11 at most.


dont worry
we'll figure this out together

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

cny dayz

blehz, wasted whole of cny not doing anything
haha...either than collecting ang baos
and eating and eating and eating

didnt do anything...still got some stuff to do b4 tmr begins...

'the world is fair'
'no it isnt...if God was fair...and just...why does he let disasters happen?'
'the world is fair'
'...and the tsunamis and the earthquakes, and all the people in the world suffering?'
'the world is fair'
'where is He? when they need him?'
'He has His reasons'
'but he created this world'
'He has His reasons'
'to let people suffer?'
'IT could be part of his Greater Purpose'
'the world is fair'
'i dont, cant understand...'

-taxi driver

sigh...if only there was one concrete answer...




down in my


you left something behind

that i'll never ever 4get

love you! =)

haha GO SLEEP!