Thursday, March 22, 2007


QoP - stygian/linkerns/threads/mkb/assault/burize - HOW FUN!

just encounted inter-sch dota at funan during the sch hols.

got 4th.

1st - Nyee Ann Poly
2nd - ITE (tampiness)
3rd - Temasek Poly

it was a gd experience. quite high level play with all the top clan members taking part with their schools. rather disappointed that we lost. but we weren't favorites anyway.

used venomancer, counter-warded but didnt fully exploit them b4 they ran out. mostly helping ant and munchee farm up.
i think my VS was more useful...
need to farm better.
probably gonna play carry for the nxt compy...if i ever take part.

realize how much dota has affected my life. I could have been much better in other areas of life if i werent so into this. always been trapped by the need to play after sch...the need to play when there is free time; whilst i could have worked on my hmwrk, essays (which are all now bulking up). but at least...i've almost cleared all the backlog for now.

i guess...i am gonna slow down or even stop. finals this year decides my uni and my future. better not mess le. and i bet i'll be a better person once dota is out of my life. definitely i'll return to it after the end-years...but that is 7-8 mnths time. for now. just work hard. study. so that i can concentrate on dota at the end of the year. (but then again...dota might have fused out by then)

now suffering from post-dota symptoms...excessive sleeping in class...and lack of appetite. great. and i've been drinking water non-stop.

been a long time since i've posted. sorry if you came to check and there was no update. been rather busy...with dota, and with other stuff.
gah. shouldn't hav signed myself up for so many things.

my fault
not my fault
whose fault?

no one's...there is no fault in the first place.

i wish i could if only you would...