Sunday, October 29, 2006


doesnt it always go... the truth hurts? people always say that 'somethings are better left unknown'
i recently watched the movie 'the prestige' man is a stage performer - a magician find a lady, falls in love but as a magician, sometimes things a kept in secret even the tricks arent revealed between them but lady knows whenever the man says something with his heart, whether it is true like 'i love you', whether it is really meant and somehow, the relationship ended on this basis there was too much kept frm the lady she said this could nt carry on she wanted him to stop, to be honest with her.

well i dont wanna spoil a gd movie, but the movie wasnt entirely exactly like the above mentioned...but its rather common sometimes, in movies, in real life? (the prestige is a gd movie, go watch! its nt all about love, more of suspense and mystery)

where does trust lie in relationships? shouldnt trust be the basis of all relationships?

but then again sometimes truth out in the open can be a double-edge sword. it hurts sometimes to know the truth. then wouldnt it be better to be left unknown. somethings that dont help be kept in the dark?

sigh. so many questions. i think too much of such things. perhaps i should stop. stop thinking.

a girl once said to a boy
a boyfriend shouldnt be a best friend
a best friend is some1 you can confide in
some1 you trust your deepest secrets with
a boyfriend is some1 that you spend moments with.
but a best friend lasts forever a boyfriend doesnt.

given the situation then.
i'd rather be the best friend
i'd rather be some1 you can trust
someone that listens to your problems
someone that will stay with you forever

reniux de lavisae norix.
there is a moment
la remente devazsieuz comatante onmicoux vilae
i'd rather be in that every moment.

Friday, October 20, 2006

after exams [usual post]

hmm, exams over
results are out.
cant say that 'nxt time study harder'
i think i've studied sufficiently enough
looked thru my papers
seems like its not the substance that is the matter,
i know my stuff
its just how to answer and approach the questions which is giving me a problem
language as usual was okay
math was alright, need to push it up to 7 at least by nxt year
econs/history/bio seems to be a problem
its not as if i dont know my stuff, but
i think i need to practice more questions to get the hang of answering them
will try to do a couple of essays during the holidays, and perhaps a bio paper

thinking about voluntarily going for remedials provided for students weaker in the subjects
probably for econs and history

all passed
but all disappointments as well

now is the period of reflection
i need to know where i am going now
if i stay at this points that i've gotten
i cannot hope to go far
perhaps simply our local unis that's it
which i wont be very willing to attend

nxt post i'll reflect about myself.
have a nice holiday
*yawns* i need some sleep