Tuesday, September 20, 2005

no posts...

haha, wont be posting for some time, quite busy with exams and all

final exam starts 4th oct ends 13th oct...
which means i have about 2 weeks to exams,
and 23 days to freedom...


better start seriously...

Friday, September 09, 2005

'can money make the world go round?' - thebuffboyz.blogspot.com

buff boys had this article about money, and how money cannot buy everything...i would just like to elaborate some more on this...

oeij said that money cant buy everything, for example, true love, friends, and family...it doesn't make ppl cool, it doesn't make ppl feel cool...definitely, i agree on this, and im sure almost everybody does too...but there are some things which i would like to say...

my observation is that ppl who are rich usually hang out with ppl who are rich. This is UNLESS a person is really nice, and decides to hang out with people who are not-as-rich-as-him, that is my observation of the ppl around me and how this rich/poor things work

and its a lot simpler to click together coz lets say we have a group of friends who are cool and have a cool, not-so-rich guy, and they decide to go for some restaurant dim sum wadever, the poor guy cant afford, so he goes home. He hangs out less with them, and those rich friends would be closer to each other than to the not-so-rich guy, aint this true?so you see, money does buy you friends, although i wish it weren't true, but true friends, some ppl just don't know it or don't need it...

another example would be a class t-shirt, or a group t-shirt, lets say a class wants a t-shirt, then the class would be seen as 'together'...BUT along comes a guy who cannot afford the t-shirt, then the class blames him for sabo-ing the class...c'mon man, what's this...NOT COOL...and those who actually confront this poor boy and 'boo' him are not cool people at all...

i would define a super cool person as some1 who has great personality, some1 who acts natural and still can impress people because of his gd character, it doesn't matter what car he drives, what clothes he wear (he can wear a slinglet, she can wear a simple t-shirt), it doesn't matter...so long as hes cool, and im sure we all know what's real cool

one that is not cool:

  • one who hangs out with cool people, not one tries to be one
  • cool people cliqueing only with cool ppl
  • outside, wear fashionable clothes, quite ex, but inside, just another ol person, nothing great
  • people who despise poor people because they are poor, GET LOST lah
  • people sticking to the group of friends who are think they are cool, and act like they are cool...yeah, juz these few pointers

BUT...money DOES buy u the label 'cool' if you want it...u can choose to do all those stuff i mentioned up there, and you will earn yourself a label 'cool' by perhaps ppl on the streets, mrt, schlmates, teachers, wadever...but seriously, to REAL ppl, u aint cool, you're just some1 trying to be cool, and thats loser...its BAD...

but it really depends on the individual, to decides what's cool for himself, if for him, money works, then yes, money can buy 'his' world, but if cool's my type of cool, then money cant buy that, because it is pure heart that buys friends, buys what people call 'cool', pure heart that wins people...

to me, one does not have to sit round an expensive restaurant table, or cafecartel/coffee bean/or whatever expensive place to have a gd time chatting with ONLY the friends who can afford to pay for the meal...i mean, if all the friends happen to be well-to-do, then by all means have the meal there, just dont get STUCK together because you are rich and can afford to be with each other, but because you are GREAT friends...and u must never think your clique better than outsiders, never think superiority...

to me, a meal at a hawker centre with friends having a GREAT time is cool enough...for me, friends, family, they are the most impt...and it is NEVER because of $$money$$ that gets me there, but character, and by what i do...

WELCOME to the real world, get REAL...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the mind cannot yet divide,
perfection and imperfection,
practicality and imagination?

verilae danate ocuji misega
the world is uncertain.

yet one chooses,
and the world divides,
meanings from value,
and values for meaning,
his for his own, derived.
this is the meaning of life.

gone and gone again,
are the days of choice and neut,
you were your choice,
you were and are your meaning,
you are your life.

haneki damasdi
your choice...

Friday, September 02, 2005

hav to start...

hav to wake up
hav to gear up
hav to begin
....mugging like the rest of the sch now..
my average this time is like 73.5, not very nice
it was okay compared with my class but .12 ppl average is like 80++
not gd at all...
and sneaky ppl studying and say they nvr study all over now
everybody is like boom! studying...
the bad part about me is that after i studied a chapter
and i go on to the other chapters...
when i come back to revise, i 4get everything
'tis bad
well hols start liao, gotta start then
gd luck everyody whos taking prelims
and officially, i hav begun
i wish...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Meaning of Life

-‘meaning of life’ versus meaning of ‘life’

When uncovering the meaning of life, one must not separate the word ‘life’ from the phrase itself, since the search for the meaning of life is not one that requests the definition of the word ‘life’. Rather, when a person asks ‘what is the meaning of life’, he is pondering life’s purposes or searching for a justification or goal in life etc.

To discover the meaning of life would be similar to discovering the meaning of ‘love’ and one cannot simply put a single meaning to the word love as ‘human emotions’ play a critical role in defining what ‘love’ is. It is subjective to the individual. The Oxford dictionary the word ‘love’ has 2 meanings. The first, ‘great liking or affection; sexual affection or passion; a loved person, a sweetheart’ and the second, ‘feel love for a person or a thing’. The second meaning has a subjective nature to it. When one feels love for a person, it is an indescribable thing that varies with individuals experiencing love. There are degrees of love felt and hence the meaning of life too has many different levels and therefore cannot be simply defined by a single meaning.

-Differentiating ‘purpose’ and ‘meaning’ of life.

One’s purpose of life would refer to one’s aims in life, to fulfill a purpose. However, in fulfilling this purpose, one might not necessarily be contented or satisfied about it. But the purpose is fulfilled nevertheless.

One’s meaning of life is the contentment or satisfaction of doing something, therefore giving life meaning. For example: A man has a goal, to become the chairman of a company. He achieves this goal, is happy and satisfied, because he has fulfilled a purpose in his life. This adds value to his life and hence adds meaning to his life (gives meaning to live).

On the other hand, an unsatisfactory fulfillment of purpose would give no value to one’s life, since one would have felt that what he had just done was a waste of his time, had no value, no meaning to his life. An example would be to fulfill a parent’s wished to for his/her son to become a doctor when one has no inclination towards being a doctor but rather a lawyer instead. When one finally becomes a doctor, one would be regretful or resentful for not pursuing his/her dreams.

Therefore I believe that the meaning of life is the continuous process of adding value (by fulfilling purposes etc.) to life, and the ultimate fulfillment of life, depending wholly on the individual to decide when a mark is reached, would lead to determination of the meaning of one’s life.
Hence I believe that there is not ONE ultimate meaning of life, but many different variations, with no rights or wrongs, since it is dependent wholly on the individual, whether he/she decides to do deeds which add meaning to his/her life. This may be done by fulfilling purposes or aims of life, which leads to satisfaction and the feeling of fulfillment. Purposes or aims may be: The understanding of a certain problem or issue. This may be done by actual experience of the problem, or realization at a certain point due to an event, or memories, or a verbal reminder; the completion of a goal for example getting married, having a family, becoming the chairman of a company, reaching the peak of a very tall mountain etc; obtaining something that has been of one’s utmost desire.

Yet these fulfillment of the meaning of life, because of total reliance on human perspective, may result in the problem of ethics, whereby an individual achieves satisfaction by dishonest means which unethical. To the individual, however, it added value to his life because to him, he has achieved his goal, and is satisfied and therefore added meaning to his life.

Hence, there is what I deem ‘morally-good’ meaning of life and ‘immoral’ meaning of life. ‘Morally-good’ refers to good ethics observed when achieving a goal or fulfilling a purpose. ‘Immoral’ practice would refer to a bad deed done, (good or bad determined by society) and the individual would be rejected by his society. This rejection from his/her society would incurr in him/her a certain extent of guilt or remorse (unless the character is beyond help), demeaning his/her life. This is a system of check and balance present in society which moderates the meaning of life.

Every individual is given a jigsaw puzzle to solve, the pieces lie in the future in the form of purposes and problems to be solved. As one goes through life, he/she finds these pieces and fixes them together. The complete picture of one’s meaning of life can only determined when all the puzzle pieces are found and all fit with each other. This is the picture of life’s perfection and utmost satisfaction.
this is going to be submitted and i think im quite dead....